Top 3 Reasons to Install Solar in the Fall / Winter

Top 3 Reasons to Install Solar in the Fall / Winter

Once snow and temperatures start to fall, many people believe that solar projects are on hold until spring. There are numerous benefits to either installing or planning your project now.

1. Take advantage of our annual fall/winter sale!

The reality of the approaching winter in Grey-Bruce is that many people go into hibernation mode and solar can be the last thing on their minds. Typically, we install until Christmas (or longer) and every fall we run a solar promotion. We want to keep our crew busy and clear out any remaining stock before the new year. The discount level varies with system size. Contact us for details, and let’s face it, what could be a better Christmas present than solar? As one of our clients said: “Solar is the gift that keeps on giving!”

As one of our clients said: “Solar is the gift that keeps on giving!”

2. Larger projects can require months of planning and preparation.

While a residential project can often be completed within a month of the initial inquiry, a net metering system that is larger than 10 kW can easily take at least six months to reach the final electricity generation stage. This means that planning begins now for spring installations. One of our key strengths is project management. We have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with Hydro One and the Electrical Safety Authority and we will ensure that all jurisdictional requirements are met and the entire process stays on track.

3. Solar panels produce better in the cold.

Cold, sunny winter days are good for solar production. Like most electronics, solar panels produce more efficiently in cold versus hot temperatures – and remember that systems continue to produce on cloudy days as well. In contrast to most roofs, solar panels are not insulated and they generate some heat, so the snow tends to slide off them more easily. That said, if your roof is covered with snow, we rarely encourage clients to clean off their panels as safety weighs in more heavily than solar production! Finally, keep in mind that solar is installed worldwide. Germany, which receives less sunshine than Ontario, is a European solar leader and northern states like Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York landed on the US Top 10 list for the highest amount of solar installed in the past year.