Net Metering

Net Metering

Produce Your Own Power!

How would you like to receive a much lower electricity bill every month? Net metering is simply an agreement with your electricity provider (e.g. Hydro One, Westario). Your current electricity meter is replaced with a bi-directional one and you use the energy you produce, receive credits for any extra power, and purchase power if needed. In essence, the public grid acts as your battery storage unit – and at a much lower cost than purchasing your own. For example, if your solar system produces 50 kWh of power during the day and you only consume 30 kWh, the extra 20 kWh are sent to the grid. If you use 10 kWh overnight, you still have 10 kWh left for use at a later date. If your energy production and credits compensate for all of your electricity needs in your billing cycle, then you only have to pay the standard fee to remain connected to the grid, which ranges from ~$30-40. Blackline Power will assess your annual electricity usage and design the optimal system for your needs and budget. 

Zero Export Systems

Because the grid is full in some areas and net metering is not feasible, Blackline Power also installs zero export solar systems. These systems have specific technology to ensure that excess power is never exported to the public grid. Like net metering, solar power is still consumed on site as it is produced, but any unused electricity is either dumped or stored in a battery. As the majority of our clients do not install a battery or storage system (though they may decide to add one in the future), it is important to properly size zero export systems to minimize waste. These systems are becoming increasingly popular. People want to take control of their energy production, yet still enjoy the advantages of being connected to the grid.

The Bottom Line

Regardless if you invest in a net metering or zero export solar system, the more electricity rates increase, the more you will save. Your solar system should run well for at least 30 years and requires little to no maintenance. Solar is truly the only investment that is completely predictable; it cannot be compared to real estate, stocks, etc. as they can fluctuate wildly – solar does not. 

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