Solutions We Offer

Net Metering

Use the solar energy you produce, receive credits for any extra, and purchase power if needed.

EV Charging

The SolarEdge integrated ev-charger/inverter charges up to 2.5x faster than using a regular plug-in.

Storage & Batteries

Stay connected to the grid and store solar energy to use at night or during a power outage.

New Builds

Start planning for solar early to ensure the installation goes smoothly.

System Removal & Re-Installation

Time to replace your roof? We’ll ensure your solar system is re-installed properly.

Solar Assessments & Consulting

We provide expert advice and recommendations to take projects from concept to completion.

How It All Started

One solar system at a time...

In 2010, Blackline Power installed one of the first large solar FIT projects in Ontario at an equestrian centre near Meaford. This system will generate enough electricity to power 30 homes for 40 years carbon-free! 

Today, we have a portfolio of ground mount and rooftop projects throughout southwestern Ontario. Blackline Power has built solar systems for homeowners, businesses, non-profits, First Nations and municipalities. We are highly trained, solar certified and committed to ensuring your project is a success.

Canadian Solar Industries Association
NABCEP Certfiied
Solar Energy International

Contact Blackline Power to evaluate your solar options. We are the local experts.

Recent Projects


We wished we had considered solar 10 years ago, but were somewhat skeptical. It was only after speaking to Blackline Power that we realized that a solar generation system would be a good investment. We have been very pleased with Blackline’s installation and service.

K. Knight Meaford MicroFIT & Net Metering Client

I have been impressed by the expertise of Rob and Joy at Blackline and by their commitment to the community. Although they did not install my solar system, I always use them for servicing. They are a pleasure to do business with, and nice people to boot.”

J. Greenhouse Tobermory MicroFIT Client

Doing business with Blackline Power was a pleasure. I will recommend you to anyone looking for a solar installation.

P. Karsten Kincardine Zero Export Client

Recent News

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Electricity Rates Update

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Solar in the Midst of Covid

Solar in the Midst of Covid

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