Solar Assessments & Consulting

Solar Assessments & Consulting

Magnetawan Fire Hall

Solar & Economic Feasibility Analysis

As a solar company, it’s very frustrating to be asked to bid on a project, or be brought on board in the final development stages to install a system that has not been properly scoped or planned. What sets Blackline Power apart is that we have advanced knowledge and expertise to take projects from conception to installation. Owner Rob Black has the highest level of solar certification in North America, and only ~10 people have achieved this status in Ontario. We also have considerable expertise dealing with utilities like Hydro One and getting projects connected to the grid. The actual installation of a solar system is only one component, and surprisingly, is typically the most straight-forward part of the project.

We have conducted feasibility studies for a broad spectrum of clients ranging from large agricultural operations and commercial entities to non-profits, municipalities and First Nations. Whether it’s a single building or a portfolio of properties, we will present detailed options and recommendations including an anticipated return on investment. We form long-term relationships with many of our clients. A comprehensive solar strategy can begin with a single system (like our 10 kW installation on the Municipality of Magnetawan’s Firehall pictured adjacent) and develop further in conjunction with factors such as political will and incentives, company goals, budget, etc. Give us a call. We’re confident you’ll agree that going solar is a conversation worth having.

Why Go Solar?

Our world is changing rapidly and most would agree that renewable energy will be the primary power of the future. When major corporations like Microsoft and Google and fossil fuel giants such as Shell and Exxon commit to becoming net zero, we should all be paying attention. There are a multitude of reasons for going solar:

  1. Control expenses and save money: Solar insulates you from rising electricity prices for decades. We do not pay the true cost of power in Ontario. Take a look at a recent bill and see how high your “Ontario Electricity Rebate” (OEB) credit is. We routinely see large client’s bills with an OEB credit of $2,000 or more every month! How will it impact your business or operation when the OEB is gone? 
  2. Grid availability: There are restrictions on how much solar can be connected to the public grid. When the capacity is full in an area, it likely won’t be increased unless the utility invests in infrastructure upgrades. Net metering is the most cost-effective solar solution and if possible, you want to be able to participate in the program. 
  3. Carbon credits/offsets: Regardless of your opinion on this topic, it is inevitable that you will have to offset your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at some point in the near future. Depending on the size of your solar system and amount of GHG emissions, solar will either completely fulfill or assist with your mitigation strategy. 
  4. Public perception: Installing solar is a win on several fronts. Enhancing your green image will only further promote your business or organization. Once your solar system is operational, market it! Spread the good news that you are decreasing your carbon footprint and that you care about the future of our planet.

Next Steps?

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