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Net Metering

Lock in the price you pay for power and put some sunshine in your bank account!

There are two main types of grid connected solar systems in Ontario, a MicroFIT and net metering. A MicroFIT pays you every month for a minimum of 20 years and net metering saves you on your hydro bill every month. As the tariff rates for MicroFIT continue to decline (currently at $0.288/kWh for 10 kW systems, $0.313 for 6 kW and less), net metering is becoming more popular. Many people, particularly in rural areas, are already paying $0.24/kWh or more. Because MicroFIT tariff rates are fixed for 20 years, net metering has become a more attractive investment for the majority of our clients. The more electricity rates increase, the more you will save. Blackline Power has been a leader in this transition and we have installed more net metering projects than MicroFITs in both 2015 and 2016.

Net metering is not a 20-year contract; it is simply an agreement with your electricity provider. Your current electricity meter is replaced with a bi-directional one and you use the energy you produce, receive credits for any extra power (for up to 11 months) and purchase power if needed. In essence, the public grid acts as your battery storage unit – and at a much lower cost than purchasing your own! Blackline Power will assess your annual electricity usage and design the optimal system for your needs. 

If you have a MicroFIT, you can also have a net metered system, or you can cancel your contract and convert to net metering. We can guide you through both of these processes.

Your solar system should run well for at least 30 years and can easily be transferred to a new house or property owner. Solar is truly the only investment that is completely predictable; it cannot be compared to real estate, stocks, etc. as they can fluctuate wildly – solar does not. Solar insulates you from future electricity price increases for decades and is a great selling asset.